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Damn. This guy is amazing. Sailor Moon theme on violin.


Waffles got some new toys for Waffentines Day!

A Platypus that has hidden squeak eggs inside its belly.  He loves the eggs.  Theres a bunch of type of egg hiding animals here!  They are ridiculous.

A Gator that has a bunch of loud squeakers.  It was one of the highest rated dog toys on Amazon.

Lawrence verdict: Colour-blind society a 'long way off'.


An insight on how black men are harassed and bullied by the police on a daily basis in the UK.

Percentage of black males among people stopped and searched by the police:

1993-94: 11%

2009-10: 18%  In London : 33.5%

And keep in mind that black people represent about 2% of the UK population.

Yet the general consensus would like you to think that racism does not exist in the UK and that the structural discrimination of the police and the judiciary system that black people have been complaining forever, is just a myth.

“Bringing race into it is an irrelevance” John O’Connor, former Metropolitan Police commander. This is a white British male for you!

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